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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Duty Free Shopping at Emirates’ Terminal 3, Dubai

The terminals 3s of most international airports seem to have set new benchmarks for the airport standards. Many of these terminals which have been built in last few years including the Dubai, Beijing and the latest Delhi Airport Terminal , all boast ultra modern and enhanced versions of the existing facilities and features. These include multi-level underground structure, lavish lounges, swish cafes & restaurants, multi-level parking spaces, sprawling retail spaces and a vast duty-free shopping zone. Be it Heathrow, Changi, Dubai or Delhi, terminal 3s are major attractions with added passenger-centric facilities.
Dazzling Dubai the top shopping destinations in the world offers a tremendous shopping experience right when you disembark your flights to Dubai at the airport’s terminal 3. The terminal 3 at Dubai airport is a dedicated terminal for the Emirates Airlines and is a state of the art infrastructure that is second to none in the entire world. Its opulence and lavishness lure a number of passengers on their long haul flights to deliberately opt for long connections at Dubai.

Shopping Mall
The Emirates’ terminal 3 boasts an extensive duty free shopping zone that houses leading international brands in its numerous stores. Passengers can utilise their time and shop to their heart’s content at the terminal for sports products, cosmetics, perfumes, confectionery, liquor, tobacco, fashion, accessories, watches, jewellery and electronics items. The duty-free experience at the Emirates Terminal 3 is unique. Only a few airport terminals in the world can match the great design, ambience and magnificence that travellers come across here.

It is surprising to note that the products like cigarettes, electronic goods and jewellery items are Luxury at Dubai Duty Free. Great discounts and other lucrative deals to lure the passengers into shopping are common here and as such the terminal’s duty free becomes a great place for some last minute souvenir shopping.

Although unlikely, passengers who still have time after a great shopping stint at the terminal may try some great food & wine, spas and the lavish lounge facilities here. These are sure to make for a memorable rendezvous with this incredible terminal and be itched in you memory for a long time. So next time you plan to visit Dubai or take a connecting flight at Dubai, do spend some time exploring the terminal 3. However, remember that the terminal is dedicated to Emirates airline so decide carefully the airlines that you want to fly. Your travel agent can easily guide you and offer you a longer connection at Dubai while searching for holiday deals for you.


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